Help us Walk AS One!

Welcome to the Walk AS One fundraising campaign!

We are gearing up for an amazing year in 2017 but we need your help. Below are the items we need to do to move forward with the vision of Walk AS One.

1. Filing For Non-Profit Status - Unfortunately, it takes money to file and submit an organization for non-profit status. Please help us reach our goal of $1200 for legal and filing fees. GOAL REACHED!

2. New Website Technology - Last year we built a new website on a shoestring budget. This year we are working to smooth the kinks out and get the online step reporting running smoothly including the ability to link your steps directly from your tracker to your Walk Your AS Off page! Goal: $6000 (donations from Not So Silent Auction will be applied here)

3. Future Awareness Campaigns - Our small but dedicated group of volunteers has the heart and dedication to build this organization but we need money to make things happen. We are an all volunteer board so every dollar donated goes towards the organizational needs of Walk AS One.  Money in the bank Goal: $2800 

We know that with your help we can grow Walk AS One and Walk Your A.S. Off to be a force for helping people with Ankylosing Spondylitis and the family of related diseases. Please help us make it a reality by donating.

Thank you very much!

- The Walk AS One Team
Jennifer Visscher
Ricky White
Carrie Kellenberger
Heather Stewart
Adam Wolfe


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